RECO Access Tower

RECO Hoist has the perfect solution for high rise construction dilemmas of maximising access for personnel and materials whilst minimising the impact on the building. Developed by RECO Alu Systems, the RECO Access Towers allows hoists to be installed on new build and renovation projects with a minimum of interference to the construction programme. Hoists of all types can be tied to and grouped around the Access Tower structures.

The use of Access Towers maximises the capability for increased access whilst minimising the quantity and size of openings into the building.

  • Hoist for goods, passenger and material hoists up to 300 metres and higher.
  • Allows concentration of hoisting facilities into one common structure which allows maximum utilisation of mechanised handling facilities.
  • Reduces the number of cladding panels left out for access.

Why use a Access Tower?
A construction team working on a high rise tower will need to ensure that they have the most efficient access system available for getting personnel and materials to the work face whilst keeping a minimum opening, for access into the building.

This concentration of hoisting in one area allows cladding to be installed around the open faces of the building, except the small access point to the building from the Common Tower, and then allows for the fit out of the lower floors as the main building is being constructed and grows in height.