Alimak Scando 650 FC-S 39 Passenger Hoist Hire

  • Passenger hoist hire for any high-rise construction site

The Scando 650 FC-S 39 construction hoist is one of Alimaks best passenger goods hoists for high-rise construction, offering a payload capacity of 3,200 kg and lifting speed of an impressive 100 metres per minute. This new design allows the 650 range to be not only larger and faster, but also capable of higher lifting capacities. The passenger hoists are equipped with Alimaks latest technology, delivered in the form of their updated ALC control unit bringing an all improved hoisting experience, whilst ensuring optimum safety to the user. The fully enclosed hoist car has an internal cabin dimension of 1.5 x 3.9 x 2.3 metres (L x W x H), with the added benefit of both car and landing doors opening to the full cabin height. A front loading C gate can be installed at base and floor level as an option. When constructing high-rise towers in excess of 100 metres, this machine proves a real winner in quickly transporting materials and personnel to the desired floors.

Alimak's Scando construction hoists

Alimak Scando construction hoists are among the best building hoists in the hoist rental market. Versatile, reliable and safe are common characteristics of the Alimak hoists. Each Scando hoist is supported by mast sections universal to the Scando range. This allows two different Scando building hoists to be connected to the same mast and to be easily replaced or repositioned within the building site. The Alimak Scando 650 FC-S 39 passenger goods hoist is therefore an excellent choice for larger high-rise construction projects. In case of a malfunction, the hoist will activate its integrated safety mechanisms to prevent accidents and damage to the building. For more information about the Alimak Scando 650 FC-S 39 passenger hoist, download the specification sheet below. Do you wish to rent a bespoke hoist car to meet the needs of your project? Please contact one of our hoist specialists for a specific quotation.


Payload capacity
3200 kg
Max. lifting height
200 m
Lifting speed
100 m/min

Electrical data

Power supply
500V 3PH 60 Hz
225 A
Rated power output continuous duty
3 x 22 kW
Power consumption
115 kVA

Dimensions & weight

Internal dimension (WxLxH)
1500 x 3900 x 2300 mm
External dimension (WxL)
2550 x 4400 mm
Entry dimension
1500 x 2300 mm
Mast section length
1.508 m
Transport weight
3750 kg
Mast section weight
135 kg