The Scanclimber SC2032-48 is an excellent passenger/goods hoist with a payload of 2000 kg, a maximum speed of 36 m/min and a maximum lifting height of 200 m. The Scanclimber SC2032-48 passenger/goods hoist will provide you excellent hoisting opportunities. For more detailed information regarding this passenger/goods hoist, take a look at our technical data or contact one of our specialists.

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With a team of more than 40 specialists and over 60 years of experience RECO Hoist is your partner in hoists. All of our machines comply perfectly with the UK and European standards.

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Technical dataSC2032-48 SingleSC2032-48 Twin
Payload2000 kg or 24 passengers2000 kg or 24 passengers
Speed36 m/min36 m/min
Max. lifting height200 m200 m
Max. anchoring distance99
Cage width x length1390 x 3200 mm1390 x 3200 mm
Cage height2055 mm2055 mm
Door opening width x height1490 x 2000 mm1490 x 2000 mm
Cage weight1200 kg1200 kg
Electrical data
Motor power2 x 9.2 kW2 x 9.2 kW
Amperage63 A / slow63 A / slow
Supply voltage400 V / 50 Hz400 V / 50 Hz
Mechanical safety brakeUC-3.0UC-3.0

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