About us

RECO Hoist has more than sixty years of experience in constructions hoists of all kinds. It all started by providing aerial platforms, goods hoists and transport platforms, and has expanded into full-fledged temporary passenger and emergency lifts. Temporary vertical transport such as mast climbers, goods hoists and passenger hoists are frequently used all over Europe. The use of such temporary hoists is increasing, in a wide variety of markets. These include renovation projects, construction projects, modernization, infrastructure, events and healthcare.

RECO Hoist offers every type of hoist for hire, and will take care of transport, installation, service and dismantling. A dedicated team of in-house experts takes care of all the service aspects during a project. All the products and services are geared towards complex projects too, such as a complex construction requiring a special kind of hoist to a building. The hoist experts of RECO will always find the right solution for you!

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