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Improve your construction site’s safety and efficiency with intelligent construction hoists

All employees and over 40% of building materials are transported by hoist at the average high rise construction project. This represents about 60% of the total costs of your entire project. To make sure costs are kept to a minimum, we provide Smart Hoist’s AI-technology with our construction hoists. We are an official partner of Smart Hoist. Their revolutionary software upgrades every construction hoist. This will improve your project in three main areas: 

  1. Hoist operator efficiency - Win 30%
  2. SHEQ management - Raise awareness, Decrease liability
  3. Logistics management - Reduce wait times, streamline material handling


How do we make traditional construction hoists become smart? 

To upgrade our hoists for your project, we add four key hardware elements to our construction hoist: a wind speed measurer, analytics camera, loading dock display and bi-directional call buttons on each floor. These additions provide all the data the AI requires to offer you the best actionable insights to improve your construction site. These insights are automatically brought to you on a daily or weekly basis by your personal AI-assistant Cara.

"Hi, this is Cara, your digital operator with your periodic summary for your project!" - Cara

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1. Improve hoist operator efficiency by 30%

  • Synchronising the hoist: which machine gets the call
  • Smart algorithm: where does the operator need to go next
  • Smart wait: which floor likely gets the next call
  • Measuring hoist operator performance: response time and obedience
  • Real-time efficiency alerts: idle time over 3 minutes

Cara: "Following up on efficiency items, response time is still around 30 seconds on average for over 300 calls this week. The primary reason for that is still waiting with doors open on the ground floor..."


Improve hoist operator efficiency by 30% with Smart Hoists construction hoist AI software

2. Improve SHEQ management to decrease liability

  • Real-time PPE and wind alerts
  • Automating daily and weekly checks
  • Safety videos in the hoist to increase awareness
  • Real-time overview of energy consumption

Cara: "There were about 10 alerts a day this week of workers lacking PPE. This doesn't seem like it has improved from last week. I recommend..."




SHEQ management - improvements by AI alerts on building set by construction hoist software

3. Improve construction logistics management

  • Analyse and reduce wait times
  • Analyse specific long idle events
  • Plan your logistics based on hoist usage data
  • Schedule hoists in advance for site deliveries

"Save up to £ 4,000 a month of labour costs by reducing wait time!"

"The data comes to life with weekly improvement suggestions by Cara, our digital operator"

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