Alimak Scando M Combi Goods Hoist Hire (4m)

  • Goods only hoist hire from one of UK’s largest rental fleets

The Scando M Combi 25 goods hoist is one of the strongest, most versatile and robust construction hoists on the market today. This machine offers an array of configurations ranging from 2 to 6.2 metres long. When in its 4 metre configuration the Combi Hoist boasts and impressive safe load capacity of 2,000 kg. The Combi hoist also has the added bonus of the compatibility to be twinned with a Scando Passenger Goods hoist, offering the perfect combination to both materials and passenger vertical transportation.

Alimak's Scando range: versatile and reliable construction hoists

With the Alimak Scando M Combi hoist, you will hire one of the most versatile construction hoists on the market. All ancillary components are interchangeable across the Alimak Scando range allowing swift tie-in adjustments and new positioning during the installation period to meet the requirements of each building phase. For more technical details about the Scando M Combi Hoist, download the specification sheet below or contact one of our advisors.


Payload capacity
2000 kg
Max. lifting height
100 m
Lifting speed
27 m/min
Max. passengers

Electrical data

Power supply
400 V / 3 PH / 50Hz
63 A
Rated power output continuous duty
2 x 7.5 kW
Power consumption
26 kVA

Dimensions & weight

Platform dimension (WxL)
1400 x 4000 mm
External dimension (WxL)
3050 x 4400 mm
Mast section length
1.508 m
Transport weight
1730 kg
Mast section weight
154 kg