Canary Wharf Contractors: "An awesome achievement on this very demanding project"

It seems some time ago back in 2016 when RECO Hoist were awarded the supply of hoists for Canary Wharf Contractors for what at the time was one of the most if not the most prestigious projects in London, South Bank Place.

What made this project so unique was that CWC were to carry out all phases in the heart of London, South Bank  in unison. This not only posed a multitude of challenges for the client but also for the awarded hoist provider, RECO! Our task was to supply over twenty machines together with the on going challenges of  continuous climbing, servicing supervised lifts and from time to time expected  repairs, throwing in the supply of some huge loading platforms for good measure. That said  Team RECO rose to the challenge ensuring the delivery of the clients requests and expectations.

With the help of the CWC team and the will and commitment of team RECO, we completed this prestigious project on a high, demonstrating our continuation in striving to be the no. 1 hoist provider in the UK. Recently Alan Lovett, Senior Logistics Manager at Canary Wharf Contractors, posted a high praise on LinkedIn to say thank you to our team.

"After five and a half years another Project comes to a close for me, looking back to what was undertaken here at Southbank Place and identifying the achievements along the way I would like to extend a massive thank you the Chris Colledge, Steve Odell and Marcus Percival for the outstanding support they have given to this once in a lifetime project. RECO Hoist Limited installed and maintained 26 Hoists for us, maintained and managed professionally and on time. An awesome achievement on this very demanding project. The last hoist is now gone and all that is left is again to say thank you Chris and the team, well done." - Alan Lovett, Senior Logistics Manager at Canary Wharf Contractors.

A big thank you to the CWC team on what has been a pleasure to be a part of a highly successful project.

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