Bespoke Common Tower Access System at The Stage in Shoreditch (London area)

Contractor O'Shea has asked RECO Hoist to provide a fitting construction hoist and access system quotation for The Stage Project in Shoreditch. The development will consist of a 37 storey tower, shops, restaurants and office buildings. There will be 275,000 sq. ft of office space, 412 apartments for private sale and 400,000 sq. ft of mixed-use space. Due to the size of the project, it was important to place construction hoists that could match the height of the tower and can transport large building materials.

Common Tower equipped with passenger goods hoists suitable for high-rise projects

We installed a Common Tower, which can be erected to heights in excess of 250 metres, utilizing precious ground space to the maximum. We equipped the Common Tower with two Alimak Scando 650 passenger goods hoists. The main advantage of this twin set configuration is that the passenger goods hoists are mounted on a single mast to save space. They are also very large, fast and capable of higher lifting capacities. In addition we have installed the Mammoth construction hoist by Stros, the largest type of passenger goods hoist for hire in the UK. It has a payload capacity of 4,000 kg, transporting both materials and personnel combined. Due to its large cage dimensions, it is ideal for transporting large cladding panels or bathroom pods to the desired floor levels. Therefore a perfect passenger goods hoist for this project.

The benefits of hiring a hoist supplier with a local service team in the London area

We offer turn-key hoisting solutions to best accommodate our customers' needs. Our services range from transportation and maintenance to complete lifting structures and the design of custom configurations. Our local presence enables our dedicated local team to quickly contact our customers to provide the very best technical support and ensure a seamless service. 

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