5 GL200 goods-only hoists hired at Milburngate project (Newcastle area)

Tolent Construction appointed RECO Hoist Hire & Sales for the supply of hoists for their Milburngate project. Our solution was to provide 5 large GL200 goods hoists capable of transporting materials up to 2 tonnes at a speed of 30 m/minute. These large goods hoists were required due to the vast 450,000 sq ft size of the development situated on the banks of the River Wear in the heart of Durham. This landmarked project will consist of offices, shops, restaurants, bars and luxury apartments.

From design to installation, a tailored advice for each project

For each project we give a unique and tailored advice to suit the client's needs. We take a close look at the layout of the construction site, create a unique design and take care of the installation up to the inspection of the construction hoists. For this project, it was important that all five structures were equipped with a goods hoist at the same time and that the hoists were suitable for moving large building materials, so that work on the construction site could be carried out as efficiently as possible.

GL200 goods hoist, a perfect fit for this project

To provide the Milburngate project with the most efficient configuration, 5 goods hoists have been installed. These construction hoists are a perfect fit for new construction projects due to its width of 2 metres and payload of 2 tonnes. This makes it ideal for transporting large building materials for new appartements, such as cladding materials, plaster boards and bathroom pods. By using goods-only hoists the use of manpower reduces, the efficiency of the work is increasing and the work environment is getting safer. This counts for both people and materials. 

Hoist rental in the Newcastle area

RECO Hoist Rental & Sales has a local team of engineers in the Newcastle area. Therefore we can provide you with fast, reliable and efficient service. Our engineers have a fast response time so we can be on site quickly for technical support. We have knowledge of the city's transportation regulations to ensure seamless service from delivery to removal. We engage quickly with our local customers and have experience with a variety of small and large projects within the city. 

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