RECO Hoist Hire serves the Queen!

On 7th December Her Majesty the Queen commissioned a brand new aircraft carrier, The HMS Queen Elizabeth. This ceremony marks the final transition in assigning the vessel as a fully fledged warship as she becomes part of the Royal Navy. With thanks to the cooperation between RECO Hoist Hire & Sales (UK) and RECO Lift Solutions (NL) we were able to join ventures on this prestigious event.

For the ceremony to take place, the aircraft hangar was transformed into an auditorium with stage lights and seating. Naturally, security kept a close eye during the event whilst visitors passed through several security checks.

For RECO, taking part in such a special event, is a major recognition for the safety of our products. The 90-year-old Queen herself accessed the ship via one of our temporary passenger lifts. Events like these are well known for having tight safety protocols and our products passed the test with flying colours. RECO Lift Solutions (NL) and RECO Hoist Hire & Sales (UK) are proud to have delivered a fitting solution in order for the Queen to gain safe access to view this magnificent ship.

This new vessel is the first Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier to be built for the Royal Navy. The build was commissioned in 2007 and took place in Rosyth in Fife, Scotland. The Queen first visited the ship during construction on 4th July 2014 in Rosyth when she formally named her.

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