Renaker builds efficiently with innovative Hydraulic Ramps

Efficiency is key in construction, because time is money! Contractor and key developer Renaker Build has been working with RECO Hoist Hire & Sales to explore opportunities to enhance their vertical transportation efficiencies. The use of passenger goods hoists when constructing high rise buildings is indeed the most efficient way for the transportation of personnel and materials. However, this solution is not challenge free, due to the integration between the hoist and the structure.


The façade opening

As with all hoists, they need to be secured to the building structure, typically every 12 metres. The standard tie configuration of a construction hoist comprises of three tubes bracing the hoist back to two tie brackets, situated and fixed to the building structure. Typically two façade panels would need to be left unglazed to accommodate this tie arrangement, however when opting for the hydraulic ramp option using our innovative S3 type tie system, only one panel will need to left unglazed. This allows the client to seal and finish up additional apartments.

Reducing the number of panels unglazed during the construction phase contributes to a considerable cost and time saving saving when infilling the vertical zip-up on removal of the hoists.

Installation efficiencies

With the hydraulic ramp solution we say goodbye to the traditional method of constructing timber bridges between the structure and the hoist. The traditional method is labour intensive, particularly during the climb sequencing, preventing the client using the hoists during stage climbing. The landing gates can now be preinstalled to the building prior to the staged installs, which considerably reduces the downtime of the hoist for the client. Floors can simply be added or removed by means of programming without the need to construct or remove timber bridges for new or redundant levels. There is also the advantage of no super structure again saving time and labour and cost.

Efficiency summary:

  • Completion of additional flats during construction
  • Enhanced installation efficiencies removing the requirement for bridge construction between the building structure and hoist
  • Fast and efficient adding or removal of floors during construction
  • Reduced downtime of hoist during stage climbing
  • Considerable cost saving in ‘making good’ the vertical zip-up on removal of the hoists.

“We appreciate that when working with RECO Hoist, they don’t say ‘no’, but instead work with us to find suitable solutions. They are willing to invest in new hoists and new hoist elements when we need them. This was also the case with the hydraulic ramps. RECO Hoist helped us fine tune the hydraulic ramp solution until it was suited for our project at Crown Street.” - Project manager, Renaker