RECO Hoist Hire & Sales is part of RECO Group

RECO: a true family business for over 65 years

RECO Hoist Hire & Sales is proud to be part of RECO Group. RECO is a family business based in the Netherlands and was founded by the Reigwein family in 1953. Back then the family business was already trading construction materials such as scaffolding and machines between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In 2015 RECO acquired the hoist division of HTC Plant, allowing us to kickstart our hoist rental service in the UK. Today RECO is still a family business and consists of 7 specialist companies with over 350 employees under one roof, namely RECO Group. Want to know more about our partner companies in the RECO familiy? Visit their website below and read all about their products and services. 

The development of RECO Group

Ever since RECO was founded in 1953, the family business has provided full-service equipment rental in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. By means of close cooperation and continous investment in new products, the 7 specialised companies within RECO Group offer a one-stop-shop for the rental market. Our clients profit from our combined strength by relying on our specialised services, extensive range of equipment and bespoke solutions to their projects. As a fasmily business we are dynamic and decisive, allowing us to quickly improve and adjust to any changes within the market. This can be seen when you take a look at our history: in the 1980's RECO was the very first equipment rental company in the Netherlands that could also provide technical advise and support to clients to improve efficient use of equipment. 

RECO is a true family company which is reflected in our open and informal corporate culture. RECO is commited to our employees, just as our employees are to RECO. Our pleasant working atmosphere and the ability to develop new skills within the company ensures that our employees like to stay with us. That's why we regularly get to celebrate 12.5-year and even 25-year anniversaries!