Customised Scanclimber mast climbing platform used in centre of Brussels

The Verhelst Group, a Belgian company active in contracting, construction materials and carcass construction, among other things, asked RECO to install a mast climbing work platform at a historical site in the centre of Brussels. When the project was accepted, it was agreed that the street lighting fixtures that are mounted on the building could be temporarily removed so that the work platform could be erected.

However, at the time of execution of the project, it seemed that the City of Brussels had not issued a permit for the removal of the street lighting. But the mechanics at RECO did not allow this difficulty to stand in their way. On the contrary, with the necessary ingenuity and creativity, a construction was developed whereby the Scanclimber working platform could be built around the fixtures. Ultimately, RECO produced and delivered a customized solution in just one day; a solution that Verhelst was very satisfied with.

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