Mast climber placed near heavy traffic point in Leiden

Since 2013 the Level building in Leiden is an iconic building near the train station and well known in the Leiden region. The building offers education facilities (ROC), a hotel and office space. Currently Blitta B.V. is conducting facade work on the property. Blitta is a specialist in industrial design and production of integrated façade constructions and combines all kinds of techniques and materials.

In order to enable the work RECO was asked to place a mast climber, taking into account some special circumstances. For example, the installation of the anchor was a challenge, because the only possibility to install the anchor was at a height of 27 meters. To absorb the forces up to 27 meters RECO opted for a double mast. Another complicating factor was the presence of the bicycle parking of the ROC. The mast climber had to rise on top of the parking. Thanks to the efforts of our specialists and traffic controllers the entire installation process was done safely and successfully.

On completion a Scanclimber SC4700, with a height of 51 meters and a solid work platform of 31 meters, was available for the mechanics of Blitta.

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