RECO Hoist Hire supplies Scanclimber for construction of a new dairy factory

Friesland Campina is increasing its milk processing capacity from 1 billion kilograms to 1.5 billion. This vast pool of milk will be turned into evaporated milk and other condensed milk products. The company is hereby responding to the predicted growth in milk production as a result of the abolition of the milk quota in 2015.

The task of realising the expansion plans (PAVE II in Leeuwarden) has been awarded to Visser ans Smit Bouw. A sliding formwork, a formwork of restricted height for concrete walls which is raised each time the concrete has been poured and hardened, will be used for the construction work. In order to make the work possible, RECO is installing a Scanclimber SC 2032-65 hoist that has a free-standing mast height of 15 meters. The installation has a hoisting height of 40.5 meters and one exit.

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