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If you are looking for a reliable and professional hoist hire company in Birmingham, look no further. We offer a range of hoist for hire, perfect for any small or large-scale building projects. We have a wide range of hoists available for hire, from small goods only hoists to large passenger goods hoists. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of hoist hire and offers expert advice and support at every step.


Hoist hire for your project in Birmingham 

The biggest challenges for construction projects in large cities such as Birmingham are the limited space on site and the availability of cranes. We are one of the largest Alimak hoist rental companies in the UK. With our fleet consisting of hoists with capacities from 1,200 kg to 4,000 kg, we offer a solution for every type of project. The Alimak Scando hoists are among the best construction hoists on the hoist rental market. They are often rented in the Newcastle area because they are an excellent choice for medium-sized and larger high-rise projects.         

Completed projects in the Birmingham area

At the VITA project in Coventry near Birmingham, we placed a bespoke Common Tower with two Alimak Scando 20/32 hoists. To make two buildings accessible with one construction, we placed the Common Tower between them. This way, a single tower construction can provide access to two buildings at the same time by creating a level platform between them. With the bespoke configuration, we were able to design a construction to suit the specific requirements for this project. 

RECO Hoist Hire & Sales – Birmingham area

We have a large team of hoist engineers in the city of Birmingham to install our construction hoists. Our hoist will be installed by our own service team with years of experiences. With our local team of engineers in Birmingham, we have a fast response time for technical support. We have knowledge of the city's transportation regulations to ensure seamless service from delivery to removal. We engage quickly with our local customers and have experience with a variety of small and large projects within the city. 

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