RECO Hoist Hire & Sales tops off Common Tower at VITA Coventry project

RECO Hoist Hire & Sales has placed a Common Tower at the VITA Coventry project of Bowmer & Kirkland. The access system with construction hoists is placed between two buildings. In this way, a single tower construction can provide access to two buildings at the same time by creating a level platform between them. Last week we worked on topping off the Common Tower. This ensures that the top floors of the apartment complexes are also accessible with the passenger goods hoists. 

The advantages of a bespoke Common Tower configuration for this project

With our bespoke Common Tower configuration, we were able to design the modular construction to suit the specific requirements of this project. As a result, we installed one Common Tower with an area of 10 x 5 metres and a height of 40 metres. The main advantage of this is that the construction only takes up a small space on the building site. As the tower is equipped with two Alimak Scando 20/32 hoists, it allows faster and safer building and reduces construction costs. 

Experienced hoist company in Birmingham area

Apart from our project in Coventry, we have had various projects in the Birmingham area recently and in the near future. Here, RECO Hoist Hire & Sales has provided various passenger goods hoists, goods only hoists and temporary passenger lifts. We also have Common Towers and Bespoke Common Towers installed. As a result, we can call ourselves an experienced hoist company in the Birmingham area. We offer you rack and pinion construction hoists and access systems with UK's best hoist services.

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