Find all 8 easter eggs for a chance to win a £ 40,- Deliveroo gift card!

The Easter Bunny is busy planning an egg hunt. To get all his eggs to the upper floor of the building he wants to hire a hoist. He searches on Google and the RECO Hoist website catches his eye. During his website visit he hides 8 easter eggs on different webpages. Find the eggs for a chance to win 1 of the 10 Deliveroo gift cards worth £ 40,-. Ready to search? Follow his adventure below and recognize the hints! 

Hints: this was Easter Bunny’s journey

  1. The Easter Bunny’s search started on the web page with all semi-permanent elevators clients in industries as manufacturing, chemicals and mining could look for. 
  2. However, the Easter Bunny wasn’t completely convinced that an industrial elevator would solve his problem. He wanted to know more abouts RECO Hoist before proceeded his search. Therefore he navigates to a page where he can read all about RECO Hoist. He discovers that they have the knowledge, experience and assortment to find a suitable hoist to elevate his project! 
  3. He continues his journey on the website and finds several construction hoists to hire. First he is looking at a hoist which is suited for lifting goods. This hoist also has the compatibility to be twinned with a passenger hoist, has a payload capacity of 2,000 kg and a max. lifting height of 100 m. 
  4. The building in which he wants to organise the egg hunt, is much higher. He decides that he doesn’t want to leave his precious chocolate eggs in sight before he hides them. So he keeps searching for the best suited hoist. He comes along a passenger hoist with a payload capacity of 2,500 kg and a maximum lifting height of 200 m. This hoist could be the one he is looking for! 
  5. The Easter Bunny calls the hoists specialist from RECO Hoist to discuss his plans. The specialist advises the Bunny that one hoist wouldn’t do the job in the aimed time. To minimize the façade opening of the building and have the preferred hoist capacity, the RECO specialist suggested to focus on a temporary structure to anchor the hoists.
  6. Furthermore, these kind of hoist solutions are custom designed and need to be thoroughly engineered. Meaning RECO Hoist with their experienced in-house engineers is the best place in town! The Easter Bunny reads all the information on the website about the possibilities of a custom-designed hoist. 
  7. As the Easter Bunny values the safety of his Easter workers, he was curious how RECO Hoist would ensure this. Moreover, the Bunny also wants to reduce his environmental footprint. He searches the website to discover how RECO Hoist ensures sustainability and safe work places. 
  8. Since the COVID-19 virus is threatening his Easter egg hunt, the Bunny is also looking for solutions to prevent virus spreading during the hunt. He finds an article about a Plasma Air Purifier that prevents COVID-19 from spreading at offices and thinks this might be a suitable solution to safe his egg hunt party. 

Have you found all 8 Easter eggs? 

The Easter Egg Hunt has come to an end.
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We thank all the participants for their enthousiasm!