RECO Hoist provides Alimak Scando 20/30 Passenger Goods Hoist for demolition job

Safedem Scotland sub-contracted Despe Engineered Special Demolitions from Italy to install the Top-Down hydraulic rig in conjunction with RECO Hoist to provide a 20/30 Alimak Passenger Hoist fitted with an automatic call/send system for the demolition of 2 No. 80m (28 storey) tower blocks in Glasgow.

Despe have created the first system in the world for the controlled demolition of city skyscrapers. The Top-Down is assembled at ground level and lifted in sections onto the roof of the building by tower crane. It is a self-descending grid structure working under hydraulics which lowers floor by floor as the demolition progresses while containing all the rubble and debris from the strip out until ground level is reached. The demolition has advanced at two floors a week and involves RECO part dismantling the hoist in stage visits every second week.

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