RECO Hoist Hire & Sales secures large Hoist contract for a project on London's Southbank

RECO Hoist Hire & Sales has recently secured a hoist contract for a prestigious project London. The project is known as South Bank Place, and is on the site of the famous Shell Tower on London's SouthBank at Waterloo. The iconic tower is being refurbished, and 8 new buildings are being erected around it, providing commercial and retail space.

In total RECO Hoist Hire & Sales will provide a total of 11 twin and 4 single passenger hoists and goods only hoists on buildings ranging in height from 126 metres with 37 floors to the lowest at 56 metres with 15 floors, over the 2 year construction period. In addition to our hoists, we have also designed and fabricated special support grillages, and will also be designing and supplying several loading decks, crash decks and dock levellers which will be manufactured using the Layher event deck system. The first 2 hoists have been installed already, with the others to follow as the programme progresses.

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