Passenger Lifts

RECO Hoist’s partner Reco Special Products has developed a number of types of temporary elevators that can be used in a range of situations.

Placed on the outside of a building, Reco’s temporary passenger lifts provide the same service as permanent passenger lifts that are out of operation due to modernisation or renovation work, or as a result of damage that takes a long time to repair. Our elevators can also be used at events. Reco elevators are supplied with fully automatic doors and a standard push-button panel. The temporary elevators can also be used to transport wheelchairs, mobility scooters and stretchers.

The advantages of a temporary passenger lift from Reco Special Products BV:

  • Safe and reliable because of WinMOS monitoring and remote control.
  • In addition, the temporary elevators shaft is completely closed, which means that the elevator can be used safely in all weather conditions (even above wind force 6).
  • User-friendly and comfortable because of level access. This means that the temporary elevator is accessible to wheelchair users and stretchers.
  • The elevator cage has a mirror and a handrail and is accessible in accordance with legal requirements.
  • No operating card control system, which makes the elevator very easy to operate.
  • Easy to install without the need for major structural modifications.
  • Reco guarantees accessibility.


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