GEDA goods-only hoist hire

High quality goods-only construction hoists

Our GEDA goods-only hoists are perfect for small construction and refurbishment projects. The GEDA 300Z and the GEDA 500Z can be built quickly by one person due to the aluminum mast sections of 2 metres and only 25 kg. With a payload capacity of either 300 kg or 500 kg, these goods hoists are also often used for scaffolding projects. The swivel platform can be turned up to 90° sideways for easy and safe loading and unloading at all levels. 

Do you already have GEDA hoists and looking for a service partner? At RECO Hoist Hire & Sales we also offer bespoke service contracts for all scheduled inspections and maintenance.

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That's why you hire GEDA hoists at RECO Hoist Hire & Sales

  • Extensive range of products;
  • Profound brand knowledge;
  • More than 50 experienced field engineers;
  • Additional qualified engineering services to solve demanding installations;
  • Quick on-site service.

We make sure the hoists are in best condition and keep running all project long, so you can focus on your main goal: constructing the building. Any questions regarding our range of GEDA hoists? Contact one of our specialists.

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A GEDA 300Z Goods-only hoist for scaffolding transport