Mast Climbers

RECO Hoist supply mast climbers for hire nationwide, throughout the UK. Mast Climbing Work Platforms (often called mast climbers and mastclimbers)are a modular system of deck sections and mast sections that are pinned or bolted together to create a platform of a predetermined length and height. Mast Climbers can be used for many projects, such as medium or high rise construction or refurbishment projects.

The work platform travels up and down the mast(s) using an automated power unit. Unlike conventional scaffolding, the entire platform moves with the workers, so the operator can spend more time on productive tasks. Therefore Mast climbers provide fast, efficient and affordable temporary access solutions to a wide range of construction and maintenance work.

RECO Hoist offers a wide array of mastclimber options. They can come in single mast, double mast and modular versions, with a platform length starting from 2.7m, expandable into a mega deck of 32.6m and a load-bearing capacity ranging from 1500-3500kg.

The benefits of the mastclimbers include:

  • Faster to construct than a normal scaffolding system
  • Large load capacity
  • Fast elevation speeds
  • Installation and dismantling time around 30% quicker than conventional scaffolding
  • Reducing labour and plant costs
  • Materials and equipment can be lifted to platform which reduces worker downtime
  • Ergonomically better by providing ideal working height
  • Far fewer attachment points
  • No further need for other vertical transport methods
  • Secured against overloading
  • Less material on the façade, reducing blocked views
  • Less storage, so less space needed at the construction site


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