Passenger / Goods Hoist

RECO Hoist is pleased to offer you the widest choice of passenger goods hoist available for hire in the UK. RECO Hoist has a full range of passenger/goods hoists manufactured by Alimak, PEGA, Maber and De Jong, including hoists with lower power consumption, high speed and driver less options.

With the new health and safety legislation passenger/goods hoists are becoming more and more popular. Construction sites exceeding fifteen metres in height are required to have a passenger and goods hoist. The hoists are normally placed next to the building structure.

Most of our passenger/goods hoists can also by supplied as Twin Hoists, with 2 passenger cages on the same mast or Combination Hoists with 1 passenger cage, and 1 goods only cage on the same mast. Our passenger and goods hoists are available in the following categories:


Passenger goods hoists are characterised by:

• Compliance with new NEN-EN 12159 standard and machinery directive
• High level of safety and comfort
• Can be called from each floor
• No permanent hoist operator needed
• Lower operating costs

Hire you passenger goods hoist now with RECO Hoist

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