This is the most recent version of the Reco Lift. It’s ingenious construction means that it fits through virtually any door and can therefore be set up at virtually any location, making it ideal for events, temporary accommodation and tent structures.

The Reco Event Lift is a temporary lift that is easy to transport and set up for operation. Its modest dimensions make it eminently suitable for service during events. Because the Event Lift comes as a set of completely separate parts, it is also possible to install it in a party tent or other structures that are designed to be dismantled after use. In addition, the lift can be installed indoors, since all parts can be brought to the desired location through a normal 90 x 200 cm access door.

The Event Lift has a hoisting capacity of 400 kg. Its dimensions can accommodate three people or one wheelchair user. The temporary hoist can serve a maximum of three levels.

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