RECO Hoist Limited are proud to offer our custom-made Common Tower access-system used in conjunction with conventional Rack & Pinion Passenger Goods Construction Hoists. The Common Tower access-system perfectly complements our range of modern Rack & Pinion Hoists ranging from 2ton – 4ton capacity. All hoists are of a modular type configuration allowing flexibility in tailoring the machine to your specific requirements. Using a Common Tower System drastically improves vertical transportation efficiency in many ways particularly for high rise projects being constructed on a compact footprint.

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RECO Common Tower in a nutshell

  • Reduced vertical rip allowing a greater level of completion to the building fascia.
  • Minimize waiting time for site personnel and materials.
  • Relatively small safety zones when working on compact construction sites.
  • Modular system allows the Common Tower to be installed in several configurations.
  • Independent erection and dismantling of each hoist allowing continued vertical transportation during progressive installations.
  • Customised loading docks at ground level for optimal goods handling & storage.
  • Supports up to 6 personnel-goods hoists with a capacity of up to 4.000kg.

Reduced vertical façade aperture

Due to a special and improved design of the tie systems a RECO Common Tower can reduce the vertical aperture to the building façade during the construction phase. Even with this reduced aperture, the Common Tower still accommodates vertical transportation of up to six hoists per typical 5m x 5m tower (both larger and smaller configurations available), allowing the contractor to maximise the installation capacity of the cladding fascia, speeding up the building process and accelerating the completion of floors.

Benefits of a Common Tower

The Common Tower is specifically designed to offer an efficient solution to the vertical transportation of personnel and goods, with the added versatility of allowing the installation to be carried out simultaneously with the construction of the building structure. This solution offers flexibility for the contractor to complete and seal the lower floors prior to completion of the upper floors during the construction stage if desired. Other key benefits are:

  • Fast and efficient vertical transportation for both goods and personnel
  • Compact design maximising vertical transport requirements
  • Modular System that can be tailored perfectly to specific requirements
  • In conjunction with larger hoists can be used to transport cladding and large materials reducing precious hook time from the site tower crane
  • Not vulnerable to high winds in comparison to site tower cranes
  • Offering of a safe working platform at all levels
  • Full height edge protection to all sides fully mitigating risk of falling objects
  • Fully integrated stairs (optional) offering a primary or secondary means of access and egress
  • Can be founded on a gantry type base to allow continued access to lower ground facilities
  • Up to 6 hoists can be anchored directly to the Common Tower minimising ties to the building structure
  • Common Tower platforms can be used to accommodate the infill of the cladding on completion of floor levels

Safety Zones

Lifting heavy materials requires a safety zone for falling objects. Because of the high risk of falling objects, tower cranes demand a large safety zone. This is not the case when using Hoists in conjunction with the Common Tower access-system. Transporting of goods from a fully enclosed hoist cage on to a fully enclosed Common Tower platform means safe transportation of materials, minimising the risk of falling materials.

Minimise tower crane usage

Why use valued hook time of the site tower crane, suffocating deliveries to the site especially when operating on sites with limited storage capabilities? When materials can be stored accordingly and transported quickly and efficiently using the hoists. Larger hoists can also accommodate the transportation of larger cladding/façade panels that can be fitted using spider cranes or equivalent saving immeasurable hook time.

Platforms and loading docks

The Common Tower Access System can be utilised to create loading docks at the base of the hoist platforms. This creates not only a perfect run-off level into the hoists but also forms a perfectly flat level storage area for materials until ready to transport into the hoist. Loading docks can also be installed to the same height as a conventional lorry trailer. This allows for the goods to be easily and safely transitioned between transport and hoist.


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